Okay, so you have an injury. You are ready to take the next step, which is in court. First thing, do you have a lawyer? You do? Is it the right lawyer? I say this because people make mistakes when hiring a personal injury lawyer, especially when it’s their first time.

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Allow me to help you out here. Below are a few tips on what not to do.

  1. Never hire someone who doesn’t have experience. This is a common mistake in this field. Some just assume that because he or she looks good on paper, he or she will be great in court. This is like marrying the man of your dreams before you take him for a test drive. You always take the guy out for a dry run. Same thing goes with hiring a lawyer. If he or she is just there to look good on paper, lose this person right now.
  2. Never work with someone who is not honest about their fees. Most firms will offer some sort of contingency thing. They won’t get paid, unless you get paid. Many have made this mistake in the past. Please learn from this. Always check with them about money right away. If the person doesn’t answer you directly, you’ll know you have the wrong person.
  3. Never go with someone who doesn’t explain things to you. If the person is intentionally hiding things from you, and some of them do, then you’ll know you have the wrong person. A good lawyer will always review things inside and out. He or she will also be upfront with you about everything.
  4. Some cases don’t need to go to trial; however, most will require one. Trials often times pen better results. Never work with someone who is afraid to go to court. Never work with someone who has a track record of telling his(her)clients to avoid court. Your case might depend on it.
  5. Never work with someone whose reputation is not the best. Even in the most simplest of cases, you need a good lawyer. You need someone you can trust. You also don’t need someone whose reputation is blacklisted. Many trials have gone bad because of poor representation. The main problem is the lawyer didn’t know what he(she)was doing. The person also didn’t care. A bad reputation is the kiss of death.

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